Our Story – KSL Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

Our story

This is a story about taking care of beloved ones and how it gave rise to starting a small family business.

In mid-80’s, our grandfather worked as a cook in a small Greek restaurant. The staff was only four people, and there were only twice as many tables. What there never was is free tables.

He loved his craft. Loved it so much that he cooked and served all fest meals there, in his favorite place. One could always come round to taste a new salad, seasoned with ground Greek herbs, or a juicy steak with grains of sea salt and a sprig of fresh rosemary.

He worked to be very old — up until arthritis struck his hands. Then, my brother and I did everything we could to ease our provider’s life.

That situation inspired us to create mills for salt and spices. They are a part of the solution that arose from creativity, love for cooking, and longing for doing what you love.

Our sets are not just everyday useful tools for kitchen and a nice present. Every box with our mills is a simple family story about love and care of beloved ones. We are positive this is what turns dishes made by home cooks, professional chefs, and merely home-made food enthusiasts using the KSL mills into masterpieces

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